Thursday, September 17, 2015

Skincare 101: The First Steps

Skin is a delicate organ of the body that needs a bit of a particular care because it basically protects the inside of the body. It also helps with feeling everything by touch. Unfortunately, skin is also the first body organ that got exposure from the air pollution of the surroundings. Pollution can cause many unwanted things for the skin that includes wrinkles and dark spot. Don't we all want to prevent having wrinkles at early age? The only thing that works to prevent those undesirable problems is by taking care of your skin. First step of skincare is to simply keep your face clean by washing your face every single day, in the morning and at night before bed. We all have different methods on how to clean our face, but I personally always look up to a Youtube video of a lady named Isabelle Belis showing step by step on how she cleans her face.

source: Into The Gloss

source: Into The Gloss

In this video, she points out the importance of each step she is doing whilst demonstrating her skincare routine. Her explanations covers all of the important and basic elements in doing so, which is why I think this can be set as a proper example for any skincare beginner.

The video includes four basic procedures. Cleansing is an important aspect of skincare as this is the first step on keeping your face clean from dirty elements from the surroundings, especially the pollutions. An article on Harper’s Bazaar, discusses in details on why the pollution is doing damage to the skin, which one of the reason is that it strips the skin’s natural oil that works as a protective barrier. The following procedure that is just as important is toner. According to an article on Vogue, toner works to balance the pH on your skin after intense cleansing. Toner also helps taking off residue off your face.

Serum is an important procedure as the essence of serum is to help a specific problems for your face, as it is lighter than moisturiser, so the ingredients in serum penetrate deeper in the skin, according to Oliver on an article. The last basic and important is to moisturise and keep the skin hydrated. Hydration requires water a rubric on The Guardian mentions that ‘moisturisers contain humectants that attract water and keep it in the skin.’

These are the basics of skincare and in the future posts I will be discussing other skincare procedures and products in further details!

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