Friday, September 11, 2015

Why Skincare?

I find it quite interesting how I got really interested in skincare in particular. My first 'encounter' with the world of beauty was through my obsession with K-pop. I watched a lot of Korean TV programs that feature my favourite Korean stars, and one day I stumbled upon a show called Get It Beauty, a show that discusses topics revolving around beauty, which at that time had numerous famous Korean stars as the guest stars, including my favourite stars. Since then, I have been an avid watcher of the show, and my obsession with K-pop may have faded, but my obsession with beauty lives on. Why is that the case?

Back in late 2011, I was introduced to K-Pop boybands and girlbands by my friends. I was not a big fan nor did I pay attention to any of them, but after that quick introduction by my friend, I was converted and my obsession with Korean entertainment as a whole began. I have one Korean star whom I really adored and that is Bae Suzy. I really like her as a celebrity, so whenever she appears on a show, I always watch it once it is uploaded on the Internet. One day, she appeared on a show called Get It Beauty. At first, I watched the show solely for her, but as the show went on, I continued watching even though she no longer appears on that show.

On that episode, the host discuss about skincare. Before discovering about this television show, I never really paid attention to my face. I never put on make up, let alone have a serious skincare to my face. I was rather careless about taking care of my appearance. However, that specific episode talked about the extensive skincare routine most Koreans do. It involves a lot of steps, and I was so amazed with how much efforts these people put in terms of taking care of their skin. After that episode, I looked up on the Internet about the whole Korean skincare regimen and I was entirely intrigued and curious about the products mentioned. I then started to do the skincare regimen myself. There is no going back, and honestly, I have no intentions to.

Doing the Korean skincare routine and paying attention to my skin has been one of the best decision I have ever made. My skin gets better and I feel extremely great about myself. Skincare has made me gain much more confidence and with this blog I hope I can share to people about gaining confidence.

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