Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Skincare Focus: Cleaning the Face

Cleansing or washing the face seems to be a simple ritual, but it is more crucial and detailed than it seems. It appears to take little effort, yet the outcome of face washing is apparent. In order to obtain the desired result of cleaner face, many skin experts agree on not over scrubbing and over cleansing, as stated on a Wall Street Journal article (click here if you want a read), which I think is a really good and trustworthy read for those who are interested in exploring the world of face cleansing.

On a more detailed explanation, the article addressed that most people think that any skin problems can be solved by scrubbing the face harder whilst washing it, and that is not the case. By over scrubbing the face, it removes the natural oil the skin produces, thus resulting in the skin getting over dried. So, the way your face should be treated, or at least how I treat it, is like how you would treat baby, gentle and with care.

Another mistake people tend to make, especially people who does not really like spending much time in the bathroom, is washing your face whilst in the shower. Technically, it saves more time. However, most people often shower with hot water, and when you wash your face in the shower, it means that you wash your face with hot water. The article explains that, similar to over scrubbing, hot water causes dryness to the skin or it can even irritate the skin. It is best to wash your face with lukewarm water. When it seems to be quite an effort for some people to not be able to do all the cleaning in one place, always remember that the result of this ritual pays off in the future days, or maybe it is the solution to some of your small problems happening in your face at the moment.

One thing I like about the article is when it mentioned that the fingertips are the best tool to wash your face, since it is gentle. However if you wanted to explore and be a little fancy, there is a recent tool invention that helps with face cleansing that serves as another option. It is a motorised brush tool, which really works as the brush wiggles super fast to really clean out the dirt. Clarisonic is one of the most well known brands for this tool. If you feel like spending a little bit more money on some cool, futuristic gadget for your face, I would say go for this.

When it comes to cleaning the face, a little goes a long way. It means that even the smallest change can make a noticeable difference on your face. So, if you feel like having some serious skin problems, trace back from the very first step; how exactly do you clean your face?

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